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Clinic Student Requirements

The following requirements must be completed prior to the first day of the program. Students are to update and maintain these requirements throughout their graduate program. Missed deadlines will result in delay in clinical placements.


Current Immunizations 

TB and influenza must be renewed annually.

Criminal Background Check

Students are required to complete a criminal background check and fingerprinting, upon admission to the graduate program and annually thereafter, through the New Mexico Department of Health Criminal Background Screening Program. Often an additional (site-specific) background check is required, especially for school placements.

Registration to Calipso

Students are required to register for CALIPSO – a web-based application that manages key aspects of academic and clinical education. You will need to submit a one-time fee of $85 upon initial registration. Your CALIPSO account will remain current throughout your graduate training. As soon as you have your UNM email address, please send  it to the Departmental Administrative Assistant.  The Administrative Assistant will then send you the CALIPSO PIN number, which will allow you to register for your CALIPSO UNM account. Please complete your CALIPSO registration prior to the start of the fall semester.

The following requirements must be completed prior to the first day of clinic

Learning Central Trainings

  • Students are to obtain clearance to use UNM Learning Central in order to complete the “Bloodborne Pathogen Training for HSC 2019” and “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Training, 2019” trainings.
  • For further instructions and to gain access to Learning Central, please contact the SHS Administrative Assistant at (505-277-4453). 

CPR Training Information

A portion of the CPR training must be hands-on and demonstrated to a certified CPR instructor. If you are already certified in compliance with these requirements, please provide a copy of your certification card or other verification of completion to the department’s administrative staff. Students are required to maintain current CPR certification throughout their graduate program.

 Two options:

  • Full classroom education training that is instructor based (a live human) including lecture, written test and skills from an authorized training site; or
  • Combinations of on-line certification for lecture/testing AND instructor based skills testing from an authorized training site.

For both of these trainings students will be issued a completion card listing the type of class. The course MUST cover infant, child, and adult CPR certification.

 The type of class needs to be but not limited to the following:

  • American Safety and Health Institute the class must be: CPR Pro

  • American Red Cross, the class must be: First Aid, CPR, AED for Professional Rescuers
142 Monroe NE

These websites may provide you with information on authorized trainers.  If not, UNM SHS has used the following:

  •     You have to go to the BATCAVE at UNMH to register.

BATCAVE (505) 272-5998

  • Action CPR
201 Eubank NE, Suite C (3 blocks south of I-40)


Documentation of completion of 25 clinic observation hours

Students are to submit documentation including the date of the session, the time observed, and the Clinic Instructor/Supervisor signature for all 25 hours. Students may obtain these hours from any agency that provides speech-language services (with prior approval) and the hours must be signed off by a SLP with ASHA certification. Students may sign up for these observations at the UNMSHS Speech-Language Hearing Clinic. Information on how to complete observations at the SHS Clinic as well the form to be used for documentation from ALL agencies can be obtained from the SHS Administrative Assistant (505-277-4453) or it is also located on the SHS website:

Liability Insurance

All clinical sites require professional liability insurance for all students. The UNM Speech and Hearing Sciences Department maintains professional liability and personal injury insurance for all students. Coverage is $1,000,000 per claim and $5,000,000 aggregate. The registered graduate student does not need to take any action to obtain the insurance.