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Undergraduate Major and Minor

Requirements include for the major in Speech and Hearing Sciences include the following:

  • Thirty-six hours in required courses: SHS 302, 303, 310, 321, 330, 425, 428, 430, 431, 450, 458, and 459.
  • Eighteen hours in required support courses*:
    • 3 hours in basic human communication processes. Required: Ling 301
    • 3 hours in biological sciences. Recommended:  Biol 123
    • 3 hours in physical sciences. Recommended: Phyc 108
    • 3 hours in college-level statistics. Required: Stat 145 or Psych 200
    • 6 credit hours in behavioral and/or social sciences. Recommended: Psych 105, 220, Soc 101, Anth 110, 130, or 160
    • *Prerequisites or co-requisites may exist for these courses. Many may also be used to meet Core Curriculum requirements.
  • To ensure that support courses fulfill ASHA certification requirements visit the ASHA prerequisite courses website.
  • A grade of at least C must be earned in all required SHS courses and required support courses. The credit/no credit (CR/NC) option may not be used. Note that the UNM Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology requires that grades earned in SHS courses completed at the undergraduate level must be B or better.
  • Recommended minors include American Studies (Southwest Culture Studies), Anthropology, Art, Communication and Journalism, Computer Science, Criminology, Family Studies, Human Services, Latin American Studies, Linguistics, Management, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, and Spanish.

Undergraduate Minor

Students who wish to complete a minor in Speech and Hearing Sciences must take the following 24 credit hours of coursework:
Ling 301, SHS 302, SHS 303, SHS 310, SHS 321, SHS 330, SHS 425, and SHS 430.