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Clinic Observations

University of New Mexico

 Speech-Language-Hearing Center

Observation Protocol

Access the observation form here.  


The security and privacy of clinical records is protected by professional ethics (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) and federal legislation (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). The Speech and Hearing Center is bound by ethics and law to adhere to HIPAA Policies and Practices.   

  • The UNM Speech-Language and Hearing Center (UNMSLHC) is a training program for students majoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences (SHS).
  • Observation of clinical services by students is part of the teaching-learning process and is a component of the operations of the UNM Speech-Language and Hearing Center.
  • Students who engage in observation of services will complete HIPAA training. 
  • Students will submit a certificate of completion of HIPAA training to the department’s administrative assistant. 
  • Sanctions for violation for HIPAA Policies and Practices are described in the general HIPAA Policy statement.
  • Reporting of information loss is to be filed using the department's incident report/information loss form

UNM Speech-Language-Hearing Center (UNMSLHC) observations will be offered to currently enrolled SHS undergraduate students, non-degree, and graduate students. All documentation will be received and tracked by the SHS Clinical Administrative Assistant.


UNM undergraduate students may obtain observation hours in the UNMSLHC or off-site if the observation is a required assignment of the course, and the observation hours are approved by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist. Verify their certification here: Students are to document observation hours on the UNM Speech and Hearing Sciences observation form. Students are to consult with their instructor regarding procedures


UNM students (undergraduate or graduate) may obtain observation hours at various off-site agencies. Students are to contact the agencies regarding procedures and assure that the hours are being supervised by an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist and have met the supervision standards. Verify their certification here: Students are to document observation hours on the UNM Speech and Hearing Sciences observation form.


UNM students are allowed up to 10 hours of on-line recorded (or asynchronous) observations towards the required 25-hour limit.  The observations are to be guided, that is, part of an assignment and/or with questions associated with the observation, and signed off by a certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist.  These hours may be obtained at the undergraduate level, as part of a course, or at the graduate level through Master Clinician’s Network (MCN).  Procedures on obtaining observation hours on MCN are found at the end of this document under “Observation Procedures.”  Students are to document on-line observations using the UNM Speech and Hearing Sciences observation form.

Students may also receive on-line observations through telepractice.  Given that telepractice sessions are synchronous (live and real time) they are considered comparable to a face-to-face in person observation session. 



  1)    Students contact the SHS department by E-mail at or by phone at 505-277-7533 to be granted affliate access to Learning Central.

2)    Once students have been granted affiliate access to Learning Central, they will be notified by SHS Administration they can register to complete the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Security Training” and the “Speech-Hearing Supervised Observation in Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology” orientation on-line through UNM Learning Central.

3)    Students are to complete HIPAA training through Learning Central and turn in certificate of completion.

            To access Learning Central: 

  • Use Internet Explorer to assure certificates can be printed.
  • Go to and search for Learning Central
  • Go to Learning Central “Log in”
  • Submit your UNM user name and password

Learning Central

            Search for “HIPAA Security Training"

  • Complete the HIPAA Learning Module and Exam. (Please note that the exam is only 1 question and that is whether or not you “agree” to abide by the HIPAA Regulations.)


  • Print out the Certificate or Acknowledgement of Completion and make a copy of the Certificate for yourself. Turn the original into the Clinical Administrative Assistant at

4)    Students are to complete the Observation Orientation training through Learning Central. 

Search for “Speech and Hearing Supervised Observation in Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology” Learning Module

  • The orientation content includes: 1) observation policy, forms (click here to access observation form) and procedures; 2) professionalism; 3) forms and protocol while observing; 4) HIPAA training as it pertains to the UNMSLHC; 5) observation ASHA clock hour requirements for graduate clinicians; and 6) Master Clinician Network (MCN).
  • Complete the exam at the end. Print out the Certificate or Acknowledgement of Completion and make a copy of the Certificate for yourself. Turn the original into the SHS Clinical Administrative Assistant at

5)     Once the HIPAA and Observation Orientation Trainings are complete, students will report to the Clinical Administrative Assistant and complete the following:

  1. Turn in signed Observer Confidentiality form.
  2. Turn in HIPAA training certificate.
  3. Turn in Orientation training certificate.
  4. Show SHS Clinical Administrative Assistant UNM Student ID card.
  5. Turn in a copy of class schedule to verify enrollment in an SHS class.

6)    Once the above is complete students may sign up for observations with the SHS Clinical Administrative Assistant, either in person at the SHS Clinic, by email at or by phone at 505-2477-7533.

7) Use the same observation form for on-line, course, and off-site observations as you do for UNMSLHC observations.  When going off-site, however, assure that the supervisor has current ASHA certification, otherwise, your observation will not count towards ASHA requirements.

8)    Master Clinician Network (MCN) observations (

  • Students may obtain observation hours via Master Clinician Network (MCN).  There is a student fee, payable to MCN, to join. 
  • Graduate students (only) are allowed up to 10 hours of observation on MCN towards their 25 ASHA observation hour requirement upon entering graduate school.

                           Undergraduate and Non-degree Students:

  • Undergraduate and non-degree students have the opportunity to complete MCN observations through coursework as directed by a course Instructor. The course Instructor will approve MCN observations.

                         Graduate students:

  • Graduate students are allowed to view MCN videos on their own. Once the video observation is complete the student is to provide thoughtful answers to the questions that follow.  Student will submit their answers to the Clinic Instructor (CI) listed below and send an email request to the CI to approve the hours in MCN.

At this time please assign all observations to Sarah Duncan: 

  • Upon review of the student’s answers, the CI will mark the status as “approved” or “resubmit.”  Prior to approval, the status of these hours will be marked as “Pending.”
  • Once the observations are approved, students will print out the MCN documentation summary reflecting that observations were completed and approved and turn the documentation to the Clinical Administrative Assistant at