Speech Acoustics and Intelligibility Laboratory


Amy Neel, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Amy Neel, Ph.D., CCC-SLP


  • Laura Benitez
  • Joshua Uffer
  • Adelina Adams
  • Alexis Arreola
  • Ninel Hernandez
  • Genessa Ortiz
  • Lauren Sautter
  • Sierra Raymond

Topics Studied

Impact of neuromuscular disorders and non-native accent on speech intelligibility

Current Projects

  • Characteristics of speech in professional boxers and mixed martial artists (with Jessica Richardson)
  • Speech impairment in infantile-onset and late-onset Pompe disease (with Harrison Jones)
  • Acoustic and perceptual analysis of speech in Parkinson disease (with Yi-Fang Chiu)
  • Changes in disfluent speech during adaptation (with Rick Arenas)

Selected Publications

Crisp, K., Neel, A., Amarasekara, S., Marcus, J., Nichting, G., Korlimarla, A., Kishnani, K., & Jones, H. (2021). Assessment       of dysphonia in children with Pompe disease using auditory-perceptual and acoustic/physiologic methods.  Journal of           Clinical Medicine, 10, 3617. 

Chiu, Y. F., Neel, A., & Loux, T. (2021). Exploring the acoustic perceptual relationship of
     speech in Parkinson's disease. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 64, 1560-1570.

Neel, A. (2021).  Promoting cultural and linguistic competence in speech science courses. Perspectives of the ASHA             Special Interest Groups, 6, 207-213.

Chiu, Y. F., Neel, A., & Loux, T. (2020). Acoustic characteristics in relation to intelligibility reduction in noise for speakers with Parkinson’s disease. Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, 35, 222-236.

Chiu, Y.F. & Neel, A. (2020).  Predicting intelligibility deficits in Parkinson's Disease with perceptual speech ratings. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 63, 433-443.