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Off-Site Supervisors

UNM Speech and Hearing Sciences thanks our many dedicated off-site agencies and supervisors for their mentorship and support to our students!  Your expertise and knowledge is invaluable to the success of our program and the students and faculty sincerely appreciate it. 

Top 10 Reasons to Supervise a Student

Source:  A Look at Supervision in the 21st Century by Lisa O’Connor

  1. Develop and recruit future employees 
  2. Stay current—learn what students are learning 
  3. Share your expertise with future SLPs 
  4. Establish a relationship with university programs 
  5. Teach future SLPs to advocate for SLP services
  6. Introduce students to interdisciplinary teaming 
  7. Feel good about giving back to the profession 
  8. Develop your mentoring and supervisory skills 
  9. Enhance your clinical skills by teaching someone else 
  10. Leave a legacy