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People with language impairment may have difficulty:

  • expressing themselves through spoken or written language,
  • understanding others due to processing deficits or hearing loss,
  • learning to read,
  • comprehending written material,
  • understanding and using language socially, and/or
  • handling the demands of higher-order thinking skills, such as reasoning, attention, and organization.

Language impairment may occur alone or may be seen in conjunction with diagnoses such as developmental delay, intellectual disability, autism, learning disabilities, etc.


Children or adults with language concerns may be evaluated by a team of graduate student clinicians under the direct supervision of a certified speech-language pathologist.  Evaluations are conducted to determine and/or confirm a diagnosis, develop a treatment plan, and monitor progress over time. One or two diagnostic sessions may be scheduled, followed by an information-sharing session and completion of a written evaluation report.


Therapy sessions are tailored to the specific needs of each client, with input from the client or client’s family. Most clients attend a 30-60 minute one-on-one session or a 1½-2 hour group session once or twice a week.

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