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clinic materials

Immigration Stories: Hispanic Heritage
Looking for books that are applicable to your clients' backgrounds. Click on the link above for a list of books about immigration with Latino/ Latin American families. Books are in Spanish and English.

Mi Calendario
Looking for a great calendar template to use with your preschool or child age clients? Click on the link above to access a calendar that focuses on different areas of semantics that can easily be used in the group setting.

Analysis of the Informal and Formal Bilingual Articulation Assessment
Click on the link above for guidance on assessments of bilingual articulation, and steps to take with correct or incorrect phoneme production.

Apps to use with Spanish-Speaking Children
Do you enjoy using technology but have a difficult time finding apps for your Spanish-speaking clients? Click on the link above to learn about the top 5 Spanish apps recommended by Barbara Fernandes, a trilingual speech pathologist and director of Smarty Ears and GeekSLP TV. 

How to Write Articulation Goals for Second Language Learners
Having difficulty writing goals for children whose first language includes sound not used in English? Click on the link above for tips on how to select sounds for articulation goals, and how to distinguish between positive and negative transfer in second-language learners.

Bilingual Language Development and Disorders in Spanish-English Speakers, Second Edition
Need more information about language development and disorders of Spanish-English bilingual children? This book aims to inform clinicians about the most current research and information on topics such as the diagnosis of language disorders, first language loss, literacy, code switching, as well as other topics. Click on the link above for more information.

Speech Sound Differences Between English and Spanish

Speech pathologists working with bilingual students need to be aware of speech sound differences that are typical of a Spanish speaker learning English. Need some help identifying the differences between Spanish and English? Click on the link above to download a free printable chart distinguishing the sound differences. 

Bilingual Fruit Matching Game

Looking for games that are in Spanish and English? Here is a matching game that has fruits labeled in both languages. The game is designed for children in preschool through 1st grade. Click on the link above to download the game for free. 

“Donde viven los monstruos”
Looking for a Spanish book to use with your school age clients? Here’s a popular book that can be used to work on /r/ blends, describing, and past tense sentence structures. Click on the link above to purchase the book.