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Departmental News

Posted: Nov 14, 2017 - 02:00pm

This department was very well-represented at ASHA 2017 in November  check out who made it to Los Angeles!

  • Allison-Burbank, MuellerRodriguez & Guibersonoral presentation titled, Infusing cultural & linguistic competency training into CDS curricula
  • Arenasposter titled, High prevalence of pineal cysts in a sample of adults who stutter
  • Calandruccio, MillerRodriguez, Leibold, McCreery, Oleson, & Buss, oral presentation titled, Development of an English/Spanish pediatric speech-recognition test: From inception to clinical instrument
  • Kent-Walsh, Binger, Harrington, & Timpe, oral presentation titled, Teaching young children to produce grammatically complete sentences via aided AAC modeling
  • Neel, Lowell, & McAllister Byun, short course titled, Acoustic technology for clinical assessment & treatment of speech and voice disorders: A hands-on workshop
  • Mancewicz, Patterson, Rodriguez, & Campbell, poster presentation titled, Performance on dynamic language tasks & year-end language measures among preschool children bilingual experience
  • Padilla, Palmer & Rodriguezposter presentation titled, The impact of dysphagia on quality of life & stigma for Hispanic New Mexicans
  • Boyle, Glista, Hickey, Morgan, Pollens, Richardson, & Welsh, presentation titled, Modules for incorporating the life participation approach to aphasia into classroom & clinical teaching
  • Story, Goldstein, Richardson, & Jacks, oral seminar titled, The use of current technology in research & clinical application
  • Dalton, Salm, Stewart, Cavanaugh, & Richardson, technical session titled, Investigating electrophysiological changes in language, motor & cognitive networks in individuals with chronic aphasia  
  • Young, Richardson, Power, & Togher, poster presentation titled, Discourse changes following severe TBI: A longitudinal study.
  • Haley, Tyson, Smith, Jacks, RichardsonDalton, & Shafer, poster presentation titled, Apraxia of speech in conduction aphasia: A clinical reality
  • Tanaka, Dalton, & Richardson, poster presentation titled, Estimating the impact of assessment & treatment fidelity on aphasia treatment outcomes
  • Shultz, Dalton, Salm, & Richardson, poster presentation titled, Group phonological treatment in logopenic variant primary progressive aphasia